What the Heck is an Autoresponder?

Auto-responders are your business’s best friend. Before we cover how to write fantastic auto-responders, here is a quick recap.

What exactly is an auto-responder?

Think about when you meet someone and you ask them “How are you?” Most times the automatic response is “I’m Fine”. People don’t even think – the answer just automatically comes out.

Now – transfer this to your computer. Most people are aware of the “sorry I am out of the office  so I can’t answer your email” type of autoresponder message. You know the person is not there answering their email – the computer does it automatically. This is the most basic type of autoresponder – one email triggers one response.

However, there is so much more that you can do with a decent autoresponder package. When people contact you via email or through your website they want a fast answer. This is where an autoresponder program really comes into play – they become major productivity enhancement tools.

Let’s start with something simple.

Say, for example, someone inquires using a form on your website wanting a brochure. Imagine your computer automatically receiving the email and then sending out the brochure electronically, without you having to do anything. They can also be set up to manage subscriptions and unsubscribes to newsletters, sending out appropriate confirmations as needed. They can be set up to deliver e-books or MP3 downloads on successful purchase through your website. They can deliver a broadcast email or newsletter to everyone on your list at the touch of a button.

One of the other great features available is the ability to upload a series of follow up auto-responders to be delivered at pre-programmed times in the future.

Most sales people give up after 2 or 3 follow up contacts.

Autoresponders will keep on following up no matter what (as long as you have programmed them into the sequence).

Write it once and then let it run over and over again…on autopilot!


Okay…enough about all the great features of autoresponders.

Here, I would like to share with you my 10 step formula for creating auto-responders with BANG.

Auto responders are like miniature direct mail letters.  You need to cover all of the regular elements of a long copy direct mail letter in a very succinct way. Everything should be covered in no more than 5 paragraphs!

1. Subject line

Your subject line is your headline. People will decide whether or not to open your email by your subject line. Make it interesting, intriguing and tempting.

autoresponder subject lines

2. Headline

You need a strong headline in order to grab attention once they click on your email. Your headline must be consistent with your subject line and make people want to keep reading your email.

autoresponder headlines

3. Body copy

The body of your email needs to reflect a problem-solution approach. What this means is that you hint at a problem and then quickly provide a possible solution. Focus on the benefits of your product or service, not the features.

Apply the 4 U’s strategy in your email body to create a bigger impact.

auto responder


4. Links

Be sure to link through to your sales page quite high in the body of your email as well as at the end of the email.

autoresponder links

5. Proof/testimonials

It definitely helps to include a testimonial or some other proof of how your product or service has helped others.

autoresponder testimonial


6. Guarantee

If you offer a money back guarantee then say be sure to share it in your emails.

autoresponder guarantee

7. Call to action

Be sure to have a clear and compelling call to action. Tell people what to do – this may be as simple as asking them to visit your website for more information or to buy now.

autoresponder call to action

8. Create urgency

Your audience needs to know why they need to act now. Create a sense of urgency and compel them to take action right away.

autoresponder urgency

9. Signature

Include a nice closing as well as your name and possibly even a clickable picture in your signature along with your applicable contact information.

10. PS

PSs are generally always read. Make sure your PS restates the benefits, repeats the urgency or repeats the call to action.

Here’s an example of a typical autoresponder sequence promoting a new product or service.

autorespomder sales statistics

1. Initial email in the format we have just discussed.

2. 4-7 days later – restate your offer and reinforce the urgency of their action.

3. 4-7 days later – reinforce the benefits, pile
on the testimonials and perhaps offer added bonuses. Combine this with a reminder of the deadline or other reason they need to act today.

4. If they still don’t buy, then you could ask for feedback on the offer at this stage.

5. Keep the person on your email list and regularly keep them updated with newsletters and other broadcasts.

Autoresponders are like silent salespeople. If you take the time to set them up correctly and program them for success, you can automate your business and close many sales that you may have otherwise missed out on.

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