OMG I almost died!

Posted by Renee Fouche (iSupport Small Biz) on January 06, 2014

 As many of you may already know, we are launching iSupport Small Biz Magazine alongside the Inner Circle of Champions to create massive success in communities around the globe.

We have been pre-launching since December 30th and the results have been amazing!   I am committed to helping 100 families create financial freedom and alleviate the worry of money in 2014 so that you have the ability to finally walk in YOUR true purpose.

I truly believe that it’s time for you to create a legacy for your family.   Each day it seems my vision stretches more and more.  

Over this past weekend I ended up in the hospital with a terrible asthma attack after not experiencing one for almost 10 years!  

I tried to ignore it…  

I didn’t take it seriously…  

I said I would take care of it…tomorrow…  

By procrastination almost killed me!

As I laid on the stretcher in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, I thought to myself…what if today was my last day?  

There are still so many lives I have left to touch. Am I operating in my maximum capacity?  

Living through that experience and surviving to tell the story,  has made it even clearer to me that there is absolutely no time to waste.  

What about you?  

How many dreams have you left stagnant?

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the biggest launch outside of Facebook!   

Position yourself to make 6-figures in 2014 and celebrate with us, faith, family, freedom, and fun…. We are the future!

Click below to get started…



These are just a few of the amazing leaders that have partnered with me in this movement to help small business owners build their brand AND their bank account in 2014.  

We cannot do this alone…neither can you.  

Dial in tonight as we share the vision of how we will help YOUR business grow exponentially in 2014.  

I am excited to see your amazing success.  

Renee Fouche

iSupport Small Biz Magazine


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