Lia Sophia UPDATE and Why It is So Important to Brand Yourself

Lia Sophia UPDATE

If you are connected to the small business or direct sales industry in any way, you’ve surely heard about the Lia Sophia update on Monday where they made an announcement to shut their doors after 28 years in business.

Lia Sophia Goodbye

This message was met with many of the usual emotions of upset, frustration, disbelief and confusion.

There are independent representatives of the company who have been left holding inventory.

Or even worse, brand new reps that have just gotten started with a company that has decided to come to an end.

While the closing of a company can be disheartening for both representatives and loyal customers alike, there are a few lessons to be learned by those who have (or plan to have) an income that is tied to selling products and services created by someone else.

Lia Sophia Update


As a sales person, the reality is…customers buy from YOU. They are buying into YOU. Keep that in mind and build your relationships and your brand around YOUR major goals and purpose.

For example, if you market and sell beauty products, build a brand around YOUR beauty message. Allow your prospects and clients to connect with you and your message and you will have the ability to sell ANY product and service that you deem beneficial to your audience.

Too many representatives get so stuck on sharing the company and product’s brand so heavily in their messaging that when and if that company tanks…it leaves your audience thinking that YOU tanked.

Lesson #2: Have an Online Home Base other than your company’s replicated site.

If all you use is your company’s replicated site to send prospects to, you are already leaving tons of money on the table. The biggest issue in this scenario is that as news spreads and rumors circulate, your customers and team need to have somewhere that they can look to for an announcement from you.

The best Online Home Base for a small business owner is a blog. Even Lia Sophia has a blog in addition to their replicated site provided to representatives…you should have one too!

Lia Sophia Update

Lesson #3 – Be sure to have a system in place to easily connect with customers as well as your team members.

When you are building a business while having a life, it is imperative that you have systems in place to make communication as streamline as possible.

While many small business owners choose to use Facebook, it is not a dependable resource for leaders that want a secure system to connect with specific groups of people with the stroke of a few keys.

An autoresponder allows you to build organized lists of customers, business partners and prospects that you can easily communicate with them about special announcements, special offers, and news that may be able to help them.

Most small business owners refrain from taking these very simple steps because they fear that it is too expensive or too complicated. The real lesson comes when you get to realize how expensive and how complicated it is to make a shift when all of your branding, web traffic and list building has been completely focused around a company whose doors you cannot control the opening or closing of.

Instead of banging your head against the wall, take the time now to get clear on your passion, your purpose and your message.

What are you passionate about?

What is your purpose in life?

What is your overall message in the market place?

Who are you serving?

What do they want?

How can you give it to them?

Once you are clear on these answers you can begin to build your brand around YOU.


Allow your audience to connect with YOU!

When you build an audience that is receptive to you and your message, you can refer them to any product you deem beneficial for them. As you get in touch with what your customers want (not just what you want to sell them) you will begin to exponentially grow your brand AND your revenue.

If you ever change the products or services you are offering, or if the company decides to close it’s doors, you have much less of a hit to YOUR business.

And at the end of the day, be sure to remember, it IS your business. Build it that way and you will experience success greater than your wildest dreams.

Lia Sophia Update Lesson Learned

I hope that this post has helped you to gain clarity whether you are a part of Lia Sophia or any other direct sales or network marketing company.

Get clear on your passion, your purpose and your message.

For more help, access my free goal setting webinar by clicking here.

Always remember that obstacles are what we see when we take our eye off the goal.

Every day is a great day to grow your business.

Take massive action today.







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