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Top 12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is taking over content marketing.

Why do we say that?

Simple, really.

Take a look below as we hit with you a hard-hitting infographic that breaks down the importance of visual content in today’s world of digital marketing, but…before we do, go to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or really any social media website.

Why Do Some People Take Massive Action While Others Take None At All?

Even  if you have seen this before or if you think you know this answer…you owe it to yourself to watch this video. Why is it that only a percentage of people take massive action and achieve success while most of the population struggles from the cradle to the grave? The average person will scroll

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What the heck is an autoresponder

What the Heck is an Autoresponder?

Auto-responders are your business’s best friend. Before we cover how to write fantastic auto-responders, here is a quick recap. What exactly is an auto-responder? Think about when you meet someone and you ask them “How are you?” Most times the automatic response is “I’m Fine”. People don’t even think – the answer just automatically comes

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