Are You Truly FREE or Simply Free to Be Distracted?

Are we truly free?

So many people in the US are celebrating independence today.

My main question is…whose independence are the celebrating?

A large percentage of the population is awakened by an alarm clock each day before they robotically check in to a job they don’t like to pay for a home they get very little time in, only to repeat this routine for a lifetime that ends with nothing to pass on to the generations that come after them.

Is that what independence looks like to you?

What are we really celebrating?

Are we celebrating the freedom to be enslaved without chains?

Are we celebrating the freedom to have our value determined by others?

The freedom  to be controlled by corporations?

I read an article today about a lady who worked to create her own form of freedom.

She created a sustainable “off the grid” lifestyle that allowed her to live free of utility enslavement, providing her own power and water which is actually provided to us through nature…for free.

It has long been a dream of mine to establish a green community where people were able to come together.

A community that replaced golf course with community gardens…

A community that leveraged solar and wind power…

A community where water was utilized properly and not contaminated with chemicals, prescription drug waste and fluoride…

A community of people that worked together by working in their own strengths and supporting the gifts of others…

Apparently…not everyone is aligned with such a dream.

In the article I read today, a horrible truth was exposed.

A truth that rocked me to the core…

It’s not that I had never considered the fact that not everyone would be able to see what I could see. However, my thinking is just that when there are ideas that can benefit the masses…it should be a no brainer.

Well…it seems that the state of Florida has no brains. In fact, it’s likely that there may be many states that will follow this lead.

The state of Florida has essentially made it illegal for homes to be off the grid!

What does that mean?

That means that the needs of major corporations are placed ahead of the needs of the residents.

They are placed ahead of the needs of humans.

They are placed ahead of the needs of the planet.

Is this independence?

When this country was stolen…uhmmm…founded…they declared independence.

They declared that they would not be held under the rulership of someone else as they began enacting rulership over others.

They declared they would no longer be enslaved as they move on to enslave others.

So I ask you again…

Are we truly independent?

If not…what the hell are we celebrating?

It’s time to get to work!


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