Are You Preparing Your Legacy?

Posted by Renee Fouche (iSupport Small Biz) on January 04, 2014

Today I had one of the scariest experiences I have had in a really long time! During my middle school years I began a battle with asthma. It’s a miserable feeling and I was excited in my late teens/ early 20’s when I got it under control to the point that I no longer needed an inhaler. Even though I am asthmatic I got comfortable with the fact that I did not need any medication. I guess you could say I got complacent as many of us do. Over the last few days I started having those not so familiar twinges of shortness of breath. Breathing is such a seemingly simple thing. We take it for granted. In fact you probably didn’t even think about your breathing before this moment yet right now you are totally tuned in to your breath going in and out. Well it turns out that breathing is pretty important and when you’re having trouble breathing it can be pretty damn petrifying. As this experience continued, it got worse as the days went by. Today was the climax. The day started like any other day. I got up, did my gratitude check and prayers and continued on to my meditation. I am sure that my deep breathing and meditation is what has kept my asthma at bay all these years however today was different. Regardless of how much meditation and deep breathing I did, I was struggling to catch my breath. As the day went on, I realized I needed assistance. My daughter called her godmother who rushed across town to help me. When she arrived, she got to work trying to administer a breathing treatment. It was something I had never done before . I felt overwhelmed.. I began to give in to fear. As I struggled to reach for each breath, thoughts began to gallop across my mind. I was scared! I began to think about how many more things I still had left to accomplish. I thought about if today was my last day…what would I be leaving behind? With all the plans I had, none of the parts of my legacy have been completed. What if there was no more tomorrow? I began to cry and sob between gasps of breath. I haven’t been that scared in a long time. As the paramedics were called through 911, as I was transported to the hospital via the ambulance, I began to reflect on the importance of “now action”. You see, it’s good to have plans. It’s good to have ideas. But when your last day comes, plans and ideas will leave this earth with you. The question is…are you taking ACTION today to ensure that your legacy is established for your grand children’s grandchildren or are you just going to leave behind your plans and ideas? Only you can decide.


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