Are You Dreaming BIG Enough?

As of late I have been a bit quiet as I have been reaching out to more and more of my audience personally.

I have been trying to get an idea of what is needed of me.

What value can I bring to YOUR life.

As I speak to more and more people each day, I realize that many people have been unknowingly trying to take the “safer” road instead of the road less traveled which actually can lead them to realization of their dreams.

When was the last time you took the time to dream?

No…I mean REALLY..dream.

As children we have huge outrageous dreams, however as we are touched by this world those dreams tend to fade. They diminish via the words and actions of others.

Most of all…they drift off into the abyss due to FEAR.

Fear is not real but it’s effects are very real.

Fear is something created in our minds.

It takes up space in the area where our dreams should be unfolding.

What if I told you that it takes the same energy to create the life that you want in your mind as it does to create the life that you don’t want?

If you’re going to make stuff up in your head…you might as well make it good. 🙂





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